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Black Ink Research is a private, highly selective, performance driven financial research firm.

Black Ink only accepts a handful of innovative companies with proven management success who’ve uniquely positioned themselves to exploit future market trends.

9 out of 10 companies seeking our services are rejected… this gives us the confidence to show you the 10th.



The next few years will bring radical change to nearly every aspect of life. The agent most responsible for this hyper fast disruption? Blockchain.

Here you’ll discover cutting-edge companies who’ve shrewdly positioned themselves to take full advantage of Blockchains transformative power.


If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of this nascent industry as early adapters have reaped cosmic gains – relax. The party is just getting started. Cut through the clutter in the market and place your bets on the real winners. We’ve got them



Real biotech breakthroughs produce life-changing profits. Advances in medicine and science are happening at a record pace. Finding the right companies solving the right problems before the market sniffs them out creates profit windfalls. Here, you’re odds just got better.


Like it or not it’s coming – and it’s kicking off an entirely new class of wealth. Getting it right now means serious payouts in the future.  Understanding and navigating this complicated landscape is key. Meet the innovators.


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